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Entertainment Matters

Whether you are a creator, service provider, talent, producer or rightsholder for any creative endeavor, Sam can explain what your contract says in plain English and present the balance of risks and opportunities, helping you choose which path is better suited to your goals. Having worked across various departments of a global entertainment conglomerate, Sam can help you draft and negotiate all manner of film, television and music agreements, and make sure you achieve what is most important to you, while ensuring your rights are protected and enforceable.

  • Working with you on a project or on-going basis

  • Always responsive to calls, emails and text messages

  • Sam brings the experience of working at major global companies, and large law firms to ensure your work is handled professionally

Representative Work

  • Acts for distribution companies in connection with film and television acquisitions and sales (has done over well over $100M worth of deals to date)

  • Represents songwriters in connection with the license of music to film and television content

  • Assists screenwriters in writing and development deals

  • Advises producers in regards to chain of title and clearance matters

  • Works with leading Canadian visual artist to structure business, negotiate agent and gallery representation, and organize distribution opportunities

  • Advises on issues pertaining to the development, production and exploitation of gaming and VR/AR content

  • Acts for a renowned author and biographer of major public figures


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