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Chairless Tuesday

I had to google “Chairless Tuesday” to make sure it wasn’t already a thing, because in today’s world, everything is already a thing. Not Chairless Tuesday, however. And if it was, I’d still participate in it.

Participate in what? Chairless Tuesday, the new PX90/Dry January/hot fad. It’s a diet for your deriere.

In a former work life, I spent about 65% of my time standing — a decent ratio but lasted only a year.

I’ve fallen off the standing wagon, however, and have been a butt in chair person for too long.  This is problematic. I’m told sitting is the new smoking. Even regular exercise can’t fix it.

So, in an effort to course correct, I’m starting (tomorrow) Chairless Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, for the next year, I’m ditching the chair.

You might say to your self: “but it’s only 1 of 5 work days. Who cares?” — true, but it’s a building block, so maybe it will be more weekdays or more than a year… in the end!

Here’s the step by step:

  1. Every Tuesday, physically displace chair away from desk.
  2. Stand and deliver!
  3. Sitting breaks permitted, as needed, but the chair can’t come back in the desk space.
  4. Leaning permitted, but try not to.
  5. Measure and manage your time — maybe chart it out for the world to see.
  6. Think about what awkward situations might arise in a chairless situation? There are lots and they keep me awake at night.

Who’s coming with me besides Flipper, here? (Insert Jerry Maguire GIF “Dorothy Boyd — Thank You”) (if you know how to embed a gif, pls advise)

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