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How to Set Up a Professional Corporation

Register a Professional Corporation In 2001, Ontario passed a law allowing certain regulated professionals to incorporate their practices, e.g. accountants, veterinarians, etc. Each profession has a governing body overseeing its members and/or licensees, and the general administration of the profession. With respect to incorporating, each profession will have rules that vary slightly, but some of [...]

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Understanding Telefilm Canada’s Talent to Watch Program

Making a film is hard. It’s hard from a creative and operational perspective. It’s hard because it’s expensive. Where does one find the money? There are many potential answers to that but this article focuses on Telefilm’s Talent to Watch Program. Telefilm Canada is a crown corporation (essentially a government entity) that supports Canadian film [...]

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Influencer Marketing Contracts

Social Media Influencer Agreements Influencer advertising has become one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of attracting consumers for brands, public relations, and marketing agencies. It is an exciting evolution in the marketing world, but regulation is starting to impact what was once the wild west. Regulators are not only scrutinizing the influencers for [...]

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Chairless Tuesday

I had to google "Chairless Tuesday" to make sure it wasn't already a thing, because in today's world, everything is already a thing. Not Chairless Tuesday, however. And if it was, I'd still participate in it. Participate in what? Chairless Tuesday, the new PX90/Dry January/hot fad. It's a diet for your deriere. In a former work life, [...]

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Musical Retrospectives

When 2018 ended and when 2019 began (as has been the case for the past many year-ends since the onset of digital music), social media was flooded with people's musical favorites from the past year. I always felt this was selling out the mix-tape. To me, a mixtape had a private message or declaration or [...]

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Lawyer of Multiples

I often read the r/parentsofmultiples subreddit, which I started doing during my wife's pregnancy in 2014 to try to prepare for what was coming. While there is no true preparation, I found it helped to read others' experiences. Some friends of mine who had already had twins gave me the "100 days of hell" pep [...]

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Clean One Cupboard

I've always associated the start of a new year with the start of a new school year. Perhaps I just can't grow up in that respect (among others). My internal clock is also not aligned with spring cleaning, as I find I often clean stuff out at the start of the new calendar year. Maybe [...]

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Trip a Little Light Fantastic

I was not a big fan of Disney's Mary Poppins as a kid, but under the influence of my in-laws, and their introduction of the movie to my kids, I started enjoying it a lot more (particularly the music) and my kids love it. We recently saw the new version with Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel [...]

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Negotiating a Pop-Up Lease

As online retail continues to encroach on brick and mortar space, "pop-up" shops -- essentially, short-term retail rentals -- have emerged. These pop-ups often focus on testing food products, creating brand engagement and/or specific short-term entertainment. What is a pop-up? Typically, a pop-up is a relatively short lease, often tied to a specific event or season. [...]

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Different Hats

The metaphor here will be tribal man, so perhaps "different hats" is not spot-on in that regard. Nonetheless, I am following up on my post from yesterday. How do you derive more enjoyment from your work (if it isn't there already)? One idea is to more fully engage the spectrum of our caveman instincts: to [...]

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Working Friday to Monday

Working Friday to Monday doesn't have to mean working on the weekend. Instead, it can point to our mental approach to the week. In a typical work environment, people saunter in Monday morning after an exhausting weekend releasing the stress and anxiety from last week. People are so excited by the week's progression that Wednesday [...]

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